Monthly Tuition

You can build an individual school fee plan for your child which will meet your requirements: number of days, lenght of stay, morning and afternoon activities or transportation.

We recommend

  • For better and faster adaptation of the youngest children, in case of a 3-day or 4-day attendance, we recommend to choose consecutive days.
  • Due to the systematic School Readiness Preparation of the preschool children from Blue and Green classes, we recommend a 5-day attendance of the continuity of teaching and demanding projects. For more information please see section: School Readiness Preparation

Basic monthly tuition includes:

  • Education in English language
  • Outdoor activities
  • Thematic trips reflecting the educational topic 
  • School psychologist care
  • School podiatrist care
  • Stomatology prevention – programs teaching children how to take care of their teeth properly
  • Dietological and nutrition supervision provided by Canadian Medical Care
  • Insurance of children

Afternoon Clubs Price includes:

  • Thematic afternoon club tuition in English language
  • Complete creative supplies 
  • Rent of the exercise hall in case of bad weather / equipment for sport club and in-line club – we don’t supply/.

Price list can be downloded from down below and they are devided into age groups: children 2,5-4  years and 4-6 years.


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