PROGRAM and some more information about oir summer program for little bumble bees, please find HERE


BUMBLE BEE from Monday 4.5. back to the standart schedulle !!!

Upon arrival, please use a disinfectant gel (right at the entrance) and if you go to the upper floor, please use shoe covers. (by the entrance as well). Children do not have to use the gel, but they should wash their hands in the bathroom upon arrival. They should also have their own masks.
We still maintain increased hygiene and use germicidal lamps.

Lunches - still have one menu, so no need to order. Any cancellation of lunches, please via the website.

Important information 7.3.2020

Dear Parents,

The Prague 6 Crisis Staff issued recommendations to parents of elementary schools and kindergartens not to send their children to school in the next week, but not to close the schools.
Bumble Bee will be thoroughly disinfected and will be open next week.
During the weekend the premises of the nursery, including the bus, will be thoroughly cleaned again by disinfection and during the following period we will also disinfect during the day.

Every day we turn on germicidal lamps that destroy viruses. We will continue to ensure thorough washing of ore and adherence to personal hygiene for both children and employees.

 I wish you a pleasant and peaceful  rest of the weekend.

 Nina Gubbinsová


Dear Parents,

we would like to introduce you to all the innovations that we are bringing to facilitate the situation in recent days and especially to provide children with a full educational offer.

We realize that these days are very difficult for you and also for your children who find themselves in a unusual situation.
We want to tell you and make sure that Bumble Bee responds flexibly to all these unexpected changes and, despite all the limitations, we continue to think of the most effective ways to give your children the most out of the school preparation.

Bumble Bee we is still open and we run from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. (one class is open this week and currently there are 9 children).

For children who stay at home these days, we have decided to offer a varied educational offer that offers full-value education:

1. On-line lessons
2. Set of teaching materials
3. On-line speech therapy (only for Czech speaking children ) – or you can all start with learning Czech :-D
4. Czech preschool preparation
5. Set of worksheets and thematic sheets
6. On-line seminar with our school psychologist

On-line school have started for each class since last week. You can find all the necessary information on how to apply for online lessons on our website under FOR PARENTS section under CLASSES and then the color of your child's class.

On this site we also offer a set of teaching materials so that you and your children can prepare for the lessons in advance.
You will also find additional material - various links to interesting fairy tales, songs and other educational activities.

We did not forget about speech therapy. Children can browse the online book LOGOHRÁTKY (in Czech) in the same section, with which they can repeat and practice correct pronunciation, articulation dexterity and auditory perception. This book will be published weekly for your children.

Another material is a set of work and thematic sheets for Czech preschool preparation for children of both Blue and Green classes.

In addition, each class will have a set of worksheets to download at the beginning of the week, where they will practice fine motor skills, mathematical ideas, memory, visual perception, perception of space and time, etc.


Together with our school psychologist we are also preparing an on-line seminar where Mrs. PhDr. Mirka Benesova advises how to mentally manage these difficult days. The date of the seminar will be specified.

Wishing you best health!!!


In the name of the whole BB Team,

Nina Gubbinsová



MONDAY        2.3.      All classes        TEDDY BEAR HOSPITAL - Teddy Bear Hospital is one of the projects of the IFMSA Medical Students Association. The aim of this project is to help young children get rid of the fear of a white coat. Please give your child a teddy bear or other fluffy toy this day and doctors will prepare a small hospital at the school to treat them. At Teddy Bear Hospital, children learn about the work of a general practitioner, surgeon, and radiologist.

WEDNESDAY 4.3.      All classes        HEALTHY Teeth - we will be visited by a children's dental hygienist from CMC and we will learn or repeat why, how and when we have to clean our teeth. (We will not examine the teeth).

MONDAY 9.3.             Green Class     ZERO WASTE - an ecological project that will show children how we should recycle, reduce waste and they will visit the zero waste store together.

MONDAY 16.3.           All classes        MAGIC THEATER -  magic show with real animals. Children will also try some tricks and have fun!

WEDNESDAY 18.3      Yellow + Red + Blue classes STATION OF YOUNG NATURAL SCIENTISC – children will visit a tropical terrarium and outdoor enclosure with mammals. Guided tour for preschool children.

WEDNESDAY 25.3.     Green class                 STATION OF YOUNG NATURAL SCIENTISC – children will visit a tropical terrarium and outdoor enclosure with mammals. Guided tour for preschool children.



Wednesday        15.1.      Yellow, Red and Blue classes. Visit the library with preschool children program.
Wednesday        22.1.      All classes. Puppet performance for Author Leah Gaffen starts at 10 am
Friday                 24.1.      Green Class . Visit the library with a program for preschool children.
Wednesday        29.1.      Green Class Karel Zeman Museum - Journey to the Primeval Times



THURSDAY      5.12. ALL CLASSES      - MIKULÁŠ, ČERT AND ANGEL IN BUMBLE BEE - In the morning there will be a traditional St. Nicholas Day for children with a great devil :-)

MONDAY        9.12. ALL CLASSES      - CHRISTMAS WITH KARMINA - Christmas songs and carols from Czech and other European countries performed by the children's band Karmína. Live music with traditional instruments. Start at 10.30

WEDNESDAY 11.12. ALL CLASSES     - CHRISTMAS PERFORMANCE WITH WORKSHOPS FOR PARENTS - Christmas performance and workshops for parents with a sales charity exhibition.

Beginning: 14.30 younger classes , 15.00 older children. More information on the school notice board.

WEDNESDAY 18.12. ALL CLASSES - PAJAMAS DAY - On this day we will enjoy Christmas atmosphere and watch a movie on a big screen, all day in pajamas if you wish  :-)

WEDNESDAY 18.12. CHOIR WITH OLI - Short Christmas performance of choral singing. start at 15.45 o'clock.



MONDAY        4.11.   GREEN CLASS - HOW DOES THE POST WORK? - children from the Green Class will go for a walk to the Czech Post and send letters.

TUESDAY         5.11.    RED CLASS + BLUE CLASS / HOLLY / -  trip to Kbely ecocentre with a program for preschool children called “Four Seasons”. Departure at 9.30 am

WEDNESDAY 13.11. RED, BLUE AND GREEN CLASS - visit of fire station Prague 6 - transport by Bumble Bee Bus

During the week: 18 to 22 November – individual class meetings with the class teachers . On the school notice board you will find a list where you can sign up for the meeting.

WEDNESDAY 22.11. YELLOW CLASS - Children visit the Museum of Agriculture, specifically the Gastronomy exposition together with the children's interactive playroom.


WEDNESDAY 2.10.                YELLOW + RED CLASS – will get to see our school bus, learn about the safe way how to travel and meet our driver Pavel. They will go for a short ride to near playground.

WEDNESDAY 16.10.               RED CLASS + BLUE CLASS / HOLLY / - trip to Kbely ecocentre with a program for preschool children called “Four Seasons”. Departure at 9.30 a.m.

TUESDAY 22.10.                      BLUE CLASS / BRITTANY / + GREEN CLASS - trip to Kbely ecocentre with a program for preschool children called “Four Seasons”. Departure at 9.30 a.m.

WEDNESDAY 23.10.               ALL CLASSES – POLICE WOMAN IN BUMBLE BEE - preventive program for preschool children.

WEDNESDAY 30.10.               ALL CLASSES - HALLOWEEN in BUMBLE BEE - This day will be in the spirit of the games, songs and entertainment. Do not forget to wear Halloween costume!!! Brave children from the older classes can experience the scary hunt J J




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