here we are…end of the school year just around the corner J  So, just a few information for the June month.

First of all, I would like to remind you of the school performance of all classes connected with the graduation of the green class, which goes to school next year.

The performance will be on Wednesday 12.6. in the schools garden from 3pm.

After the show a small snack will be available and if you are interested and want to bake something, we will be very happy and children will appreciate it :-D

Due to limited space, seating capacity and tropical heat, please consider inviting grandparents. We have a professional cameraman again, who will document everything.
Also count on the time for parking, it happened in the past that cars parked in front of the kindergarten were fined.



Monday 10.6.              Yellow + Red - trip to the zoo - please arrive by 9.00

Wednesday 12.6.        Everyone - everyone from 3pm in the school garden

Monday 24.6.              Blue and Green - trip to the zoo - please arrive at 9.00

Due to the high temperature and sunny weather, please give your children hats or something to cover their heads with

Please put some sun protective cream on before you come in the morning. It will last until the garden time.  


SUMMER – JULY+AUGUST:  If your plans change and you need summer camp for your child during the summer, do not hesitate to write or call and if there is a vacancy,  we will be happy to accept your child J


Tuesday 14.5.                         Yellow + Red classes  - National Technical Museum - visit of the interesting exhibition of over 500 square meters, with more than 20 types of tractors from local and foreign manufacturers from 1917 to 1953.
Anyone can experience what it feels like to sit behind the wheel of the historic tractor Zetor 15. Children will definitely appreciate little pedal tractors and to be able to drive them on the special track. There will be also farming simulator for those who are interested.

 Wednesday 15.5.                   SIGNED CHILDREN OF ALL CLASSES  - the proffesional photographer will be taking pictures of children their parents signed up for. Please do not forget to give children some nice clothes that match with Marine decorations. Price is 400,- and please pay (exact ammout to Jana / Nina in the office).

 Monday 20.5.                         Blue and Green Classes  - The Story of the Prague Castle

Children will visit Prague castle to join the program called: What happened at the Castle?
The children will try to solve many different tasks.

Wednesday 22. 5.                  Yellow and Red  - National Technical Museum  - to see the display of different types of historical transport vehicles.

Wednesday 29.5.                   Blue and Green - National Technical Museum - to see the display of different types of historical transport vehicles.



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