The school offers all-day boarding: morning and afternoon snacks and lunches. At lunch there is a choice of three meals each day. 

Every week from Monday to Thursday 10.00 a.m. , you can sign up your child for lunch for the following week. If from whatever reason you are not able to sign up during this time frame, please contact: Mrs. Nina Gubbinsová,, mobil: 724 344 040


Menu for the week: 03/18/2019 - 03/23/2019

Monday 03/18


Poultry broth with vegetables and meat 9

Main dish:

1. Pork roast with bacon and boiled potatoes 1,7,12

2. Cod on butter with red lentils, vegetables and cabbage salad 4,7

3. Ice salad with chicken and garlic dressing 1,3,7

Tuesday 03/19


Pumpkin Soup 1.7

Main dish:

1. Dutch steak with potato purée and cucumber 1,3,7

2. Roasted salmon with dill mayonnaise and roasted potatoes 4,7

3. Vegetable salad with marinated mussels in chilli 1,3,4,7

Wednesday 03/20


Tomato soup with basil and couscous 1

Main dish:

1. Beef sirloin with cream dumplings 1,3,7,9,10

2. Chicken noodles yellow curry with jasmine rice 1,7

3. Mixed salad with tomatoes and onion with fried strips and lime mayonnaise 1,3,7

Thursday 03/21


Goulash Soup 1.9

Main dish:

1. Beef cubes on mushrooms with jasmine rice 1

2. Cauliflower bake with boiled potatoes and butter 3,7

3. Lettuce with goat cheese and balsamic dressing

Friday 03/22


Cauliflower soup 1,3,7

Main dish:

1. Turkey steak Saltimbocca with buttery vegetables and potato mash 1,7,9

2. Vegetable salad with marinated salmon and baguette 1,3,4,7


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