The school offers all-day boarding: morning and afternoon snacks and lunches. At lunch there is a choice of three meals each day. 

Every week from Monday to Thursday 12.00 a.m. , you can sign up your child for lunch for the following week. If from whatever reason you are not able to sign up during this time frame, please contact: Mrs. Nina Gubbinsová,, mobil: 724 344 040


Menu for the week: 01/25/2021 - 01/30/2021

Monday 01/25


Semolina soup with egg

Main dish:

1. Štěpánská beef roast, jasmine rice

2. Grilled chicken breast, bacon and onions, french fries, tartar sauce

3. Mixed vegetable salad, feta cheese, marinated beets, basil pesto, baguette

Tuesday 01/26


Italian tomato soup with rice

Main dish:

1. Grilled salmon, butter vegetables, mashed potatoes

2. Breaded cauliflower, boiled potatoes, tartar sauce

3. Mixed vegetable salad, grilled tofu, spicy Asian dressing, baguette

Wednesday 01/27


Vegetable broth with tarton

Main dish:

1. Hungarian beef goulash, bread dumplings

2. Pasta bake with smoked meat, beetroot salad

3. Mixed leaf salad, grilled camembert, cranberries, baguette

Thursday 01/28


Lentil soup with bacon

Main dish:

1. Roast pork on mushrooms, pasta

2. Pangas on herbs and butter, roasted pepper sauce, roasted potatoes

3. Mixed vegetable salad with Parma ham, cottage cheese and melon, baguette

Friday 01/29


Borsch soup

Main dish:

1. Pork schnitzel mashed potatoes, cucumber, butter

2. Fried sea pike, boiled potatoes, butter, lemon

3. Large pasta salad with vegetables and tuna, eggs, baguette

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