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Welcome to the website where you have an opportunity to meet all the Bumble Bee team. The home page includes detail information about the education and experience of the people who take care of your dear ones. You will find out that you leave your children in the hands of true professionals. They continuously work on their further education and hey participate in workshops and seminars which help them further develop their qualification.

All members of the Bumble Bee team have also their personal profile where they reveal to you something from their personality. You might be interested in knowing what these people do in their free time when they are not teaching your children.

Mgr. Magdaléna Hanáčková

Mgr. Magdaléna Hanáčková

Manager of Pedagogical and Educationl area

My name is Magdaléna Hanáčková, from January 2021 I am taking over the position of Manager of Pedagogy and Education with full commitment and thus will be responsible for the educational program and our team of teachers. After graduation from master’s degree study of English and American studies at the Philosophical faculty of Palacký University in Olomouc, I became enthusiastic about teaching and working with children and teenagers and for ten years I have been active mainly in language education. Apart from direct pedagogical activity I have been dealing with coordination and administration of educational projects and the enormous benefits I could observe on children’s motivation and their results led me to grow fond of experiential education. As a passionate traveller I have always participated in organization of school trips, excursions, experiential events and competitions and I enjoy working in a multicultural environment. In the last years of my career as a course manager in a language school I was responsible mainly for the team of teachers but all the more I am glad to be back among children again!

In my free time I love hiking, my doggie, meditation and yoga, cultural events, language learning, reading and spending pleasant life moments with beloved people.

Extensive personal as well as professional experience and sincere enthusiasm for children’s development is what I am bringing to BumbleBee’s threshold and I am looking forward to our cooperation! I am ready to lend an ear to you, children and teachers and take care of harmonious and effective team functioning so I could follow up with the excellent work of Jana Kozohorská.

Jana Vaňková

Jana Vaňková

Provozní Manažerka

My name is Jana Vaňkova. After graduating from the secondary school,

I went to study English at the University of Alberta, Canada. When I got back to Prague, I started teaching English. I have been doing this for almost 30 years. Except a 10-year break, in which I ran a family logistics company

with more than 20 employees.

I love working with children, teenagers and adults. I have organized dozens of English summer and winter camps. For more than 10 years I was

a teacher and a deputy principal at the British language school „The Bell School Prague“ and for a year I was a director of a language school

Kids & Us Malešice.

Before joining Bumble Bee, I taught in kindergartens, schools, universities and companies. I also prepared students for the Cambridge exams (FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC, IELTS, etc.) - mostly online since last March. In my lessons, English was fun and I used modern methods of experimental teaching. Therefore I have been impressed by the philosophy of Bumblebee, whose graduates I often met in my classes. It was great to improve their skills which they had learnt in BB kindergarten.

My husband and I have two teenage daughters, with whom we spend every free moment hiking, cycling a skiing in the Giant Mountains. I also play volleyball and beach volleyball.

Do not hesitate to contact me on any matters of a non-pedagogical nature.

Mgr. Vlaďka Straková

Mgr. Vlaďka Straková

School Psychologist

My name is Vlaďka Straková and I am a psychologist, coach, and counselor. I am here for you to answer your questions related to healthy psycho-social development of your children, their adaptation in preschool and development of their cognitive skills and emotional well-being.

I was born in Jeseníky Mountains, studied psychology at Palacký University in Olomouc and the University of Utrecht (the Netherlands). I have more than 15 years of experience as psychologist, coach and psychotherapist. I worked in clinical psychology, cooperated with schools, kindergartens and private companies. On top of university studies, I have trainings in Integrational Psychotherapy, Person Centered Approach Playtherapy Training, Result Coaching and Sand play which help me to provide individual approach to each of my client according to his/her individual needs.

I have two kids and a dog and in my free time I enjoy being with my family, friends, swimming, diving, gardening and reading.

I always really enjoyed working with children. I love their openness, their world full of imaginations and the creativity they can demonstrate.   

Sára Benešová

Sára Benešová

Yellow Class Teacher

My name is Sára Benešová.   

I have been working with children since my high school years, when I led English language clubs for kindergartens in Prague. After graduation I lived in Switzerland and then in Italy, where I gained experience with the development of children from 2 to 10 years old.   

I took a Montessori course under the guidance of Dr. Eva Stark. I am now in my final year of my Bachelor's degree.   

In my work I like to use authentic experience where reason and emotion are connected. Every child has areas in which they excel, and I like to use those as avenues to develop the less strong areas.  

I am interested in the non-profit sector. I tutor children from foster families at Good Family o.p.s and work with the Children at Risk Fund on an individual basis depending on the needs of the organization.  

In my free time I travel, spend time with friends, in the countryside or in a café.

Mgr. Olga Jokschová

Mgr. Olga Jokschová

Red Class Teacher

My name is Oli Jokschová and this year I will teach the Red Class. I have been working at Bumble Bee since the Spring 2005.

I earned my teaching degree at Higher Professional School of Education in Litomyšl and my university degree at the Faculty of Education at Masaryk University in Brno. After graduation I spent six years in the U.S., where I studied English at Norwalk Community College, CT.

I have been working with children since my teen age. I cherish the time I can spend with them and always welcome an opportunity to enter their fantasy world. Every single day in their company is unique and joyful in some ways. Demanding of course, but rewarding.  You can see them grow, make new friends, have fun playing together, being fair to each other, become more confident, polite, supportive and responsible. Children´s life is full of wonder, it deserves to be treated with respect. I am looking forward to working with my new students in a creative way, where learning is so much fun.



Blue Class Teacher

My name is Charles Smoak, and from September I am the head teacher of the Blue Class. I started teaching Music Theory in the United States almost a decade ago, and continued teaching such subjects such as Art, Science, as well as English as a second language (ESL) once my wife and I moved to the Czech Republic. 

I will also teach the English conversation and the new Computer club.

In my free time I enjoy cooking, hiking, and reading. I am also a big fan of traveling, experiencing new cultures, and learning to speak new languages. 

I am looking forward to the new school year!



Green Class Teacher

Hello, my name is Yango John and this year I will teach the Green class and prepare them for their first year of 'big' school. ¨

I was born in and grew up in Cape Town, South Africa.My wife and I moved to the Czech Republic about two years ago for her career. My interests vary but surfing, outdoor adventures, soccer, my beautiful dog, animals in general,  artwork, music, reading and quiet time are some of my favourites.

Working positively with children is a passion of mine and seeing them happy, thriving and developing positively is a strong driving force for me. I have led an adventurous and eclectic working life up until now including river guiding and adventure tourism in Southern Africa, yachting in Mediterranean, Caribbean and U.S. waters and teaching English and kindergarten.

 In 2011 I returned home to South Africa and completed a B.A. degree with an aim to work in a teaching environment. I look forward to meeting you and your children and am happy to answer and respond to any of your questions. 



Afternoon Specialist

My name is Michaela Brožová, this school year will be my second year as  an Afternoon specialist to the little bumble bees and as assistant to the yellow class teacher.

I was born and raised in Prague, but my studies and personal passion for learning foreign languages have brought me abroad quite a few times. Being able to speak at least 5 languages fluently is my current goal, that I’m working on! I also enjoy writing, reading, or for example practicing yoga or baking, when I’m trying to relax.

I hold a Bc. degree from the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, where I’ve majored in Korean studies.

 My experience with children comes from co-organising children summer camps, “fairy-tale forest” type of events, ski trips, and other events through a czech scout organisation, which I very much enjoyed doing so. I like to think about myself as quite creative, and unleashing that part of me through working on various activities and projects with children and then seeing their excitement just feels so rewarding.

So naturally, when deciding on my career, working with children had to make it to the top. Anyway, I’m excited about meeting and getting to know everybody, let’s have a great year together!

Lunch Lady

My name is  and I work in Bumble Bee as a housekeeper. I am responsible for communicating with suppliers, ordering, preparation and serving snacks and lunches. Furthermore I supervise for compliance of all health regulations relating to food and the correct way of eating, which we strive to have preschool children.  I also Check the observance of dietary restrictions for children.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the appetite of your children.



School Bus Driver

My name is Milan Jůza and in Bumble Bee I work at a combined position of a school bus driver, caretaker and a gardener.

I look forward to the new school year and all the new childrens, whos eyes sparkle everytime they see our yellow BB Bus :-)

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