“All children are talented.  All children are carrying their individual success inside …no matter how small. The task of us adults is to help children find and foster their hidden talents and to provide them with an opportunity to experience success.“

Bumble Bee is an English pre-school for children between 2,5 and 7 years of age which was opened in September 1995. Parents, who have high standards for the creative, intellectual and physical development of their children in a stimulating and educational environment, appreciate our objectives and ideals. Our primary goal is the highest standard of care and nurturing. The activities in our curriculum are geared toward exploring and eliciting each child's natural talents to the furthest degree possible, whether artistic, academic or physical. It guides children in their first move to understand themselves, to develop their creative self-confidence, to build their personal skills and to more easily reach coming educational and pedagogical levels.


The Bumble Bee Preschool is an international school, and the primary language used is English. However, children are also given opportunities to share their respective cultures with each other.


The teachers themselves are carefully chosen native English and Czech speakers, with backgrounds ranging from pedagogy to psychology and foreign language study. They are chosen for their pedagogical or psychological qualifications and also, most importantly, for their disposition, interest and enthusiasm for working with children. All of them also complete a course of non-directive teaching with children whilst at Bumble Bee.


Our philosophy is centred on the non-directive approach to teaching, which emphasizes the child's responsibility for his/her own actions, and instils respect for his/her peers as well as a consciousness of natural social boundaries. The non-directive approach is based on the theory of C. R. Rogers' Person Centred Approach. Our teachers cultivate a friendly and accepting atmosphere, and try to understand the child's own point of view, thus enabling them to teach in the most effective way possible.


The school's varied programme is carefully arranged into individual developing classes. The classes are divided into several international groups by age: (prep class, 3-4yrs, 4-5yrs, 5-7yrs).


Designed for children of all nationalities from the age 2,5 to 3 years, the programme aims to prepare them for the transition from life at home to life at school.


The school has its own child psychologist who monitors each child as a whole (physical, emotional, social, intellectual development) and their speech development. We believe pre-school children learn foreign languages naturally, very quickly and their language knowledge lasts for a long time. Meet our children's psychologist.


MUDr. Barbara Taušová from the Canadian Medical Care serves as a school paediatrician and nutritionist.


Bumble Bee is located in calm and pleasant residential area of Prague, with easy access to the countryside. It is important to us that the children are provided with healthy surroundings that enable regular physical activity. In addition, our meal programme offers a choice of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals (morning and afternoon snacks, three meal choices for the lunch menu, drink programme). The school programme includes regular sport activities and organises two weeklong trips one week in winter and one week in summer in the countryside. Bumble Bee is uniquely furnished, all the furniture at Bumble Bee Preschools is especially made for us with specific colour and thematic classrooms to co-operate with the schools educational and pedagogical non-directive approach.


Children go to horseback riding in Hippo therapy Club and swimming club is in the morning once a week.


The guidance and partnership approach, which we use with children, helps to develop their sense of friendship, helping and charity. We co-operate with the Archa Chantal Foundation and Dobry Andel; the profit is raised through holding an Art and Ceramic Club exhibition where the children sell their products.


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