Do you want to take part in preparing children for the world of tomorrow?
Are you a Czech person with pedagogical education and very good English?

Or a native English speaker with relevant experience and basic Czech understanding? ...
Are you a creative, enthusiastic but still responsible and patient teacher?

Well, then you are exactly the ONE we are looking for :-)
You will become a guide for a small group of curious children of similar age in your own classroom. Regular working hours, very friendly team and corresponding wage.

Bumblee is an English speaking preschool focused on preparing children for the future - help them develop skills they will need most, such as creativity, team cooperation, but also ignite logical thinking and basics for further education in areas such as programming. We work with our own pedagogical methodology based on a coaching approach, mutual respect, and letting children grow into responsibility.

Read about us in Forbes:
Bumblebee has already more than 26 years of history and still many new ideas to look forward to! We are based in a cozy villa near metro Hradčanská and we look forward to hearing from you soon :-)

Call us to arrange an interview 724 344 040 or send us an e-mail

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